Some Joyless Brits Want To Ban Happy Hour

by Mike on November 9, 2008

in UK Politics

It’s no secret that our British friends like to have a good time with the drink.  I look back upon my own time doing it with them with great fondness. Unfortunately, some British lawmakers are allowing their love of government to trump the right of the individual to enjoy his free time.  Some British lawmakers are proposing to ban happy hour in pubs due to the anti-social behavior of a few of Britain’s overserved.

This kind of disregard for the liberty of law -abiding citizens is becoming commonplace all over the world.  Left-wing politicians need to learn that not everyone who engages in adult activity does so irresponsibly.  Not everyone who knocks a few back after work winds up like this chick.  Not everyone who even gets sloshed gets belligerent and anti-social.  Rather than interfering in the lives of law-abiding citizens who want down some pints, usually after work I might add, why can’t politicians simply punish those who actually disturb the peace after being overserved?  This should be especially easy in the UK where they have cameras covering every square inch of the country.

But no, lefties can’t punish lawbreakers.  They would rather spend taxpayer money on ads showing messy chicks losing their buffet dinners on the sidewalks.  They can’t punish lawbreakers.  They would rather take happy hour away from normal people.  That, not the beer, should make people want to hurl.

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Ryan November 10, 2008 at 4:46 pm

Any civilization that has once embraced “happy hour” then seeks to limit or rid it is one doomed to failure. These are truly signs of the end-times!


rightonoz November 10, 2008 at 6:01 pm

Never going to happen!

Like telling the Pope he can’t celebrate mass! It’s that much a religion to the POM’s (Aussie slang for English).

I have a foot in both camps, having been born there, living a number of places, then eventually became naturalised Australian (I know, had 1/2 my brain removed and 3″ off my D…)

Just to keep you up on the People’s Republic of Australia, the economy’s headded for the crapper (toilet), but by God we’re still going to cut emissions by 20 % in the next couple of years. Now I happen to support reduction of emissions over time, but why kick an economy in the B…s while it’s down


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