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by Sal on November 10, 2008

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A new website Rebuild the Party has emerged, with a focus on how to rebuild the GOP over the next several years in preparation for the elections of 2010 and 2012.  The site is a coalition of Conservatives, including influential members of the blogosphere, College Republican leaders, RNC leaders and state chairs, and others.  The site is simple for now, but focuses on areas that need addressing if we are to return the GOP to victory under a true Conservative philosophy.  The site primarily practical, organizing principles that need to be undertaken at a politics-level to ensure that the GOP remains competitive and can increase its reach in the next four years.  Among the components of its plan:

  • Focusing on building a grassroots conservative Internet coalition to combat the netroots advantage that the Democrats had in 2008.
  • Rebuild the grassroots of the party
  • Change the fundraising model to compete with Democrats
  • Reorganize the RNC
  • Field candidates for congress in all 435 congressional districts (which would be a nice change for me;  my congressman in Massachusetts ran unopposed).
  • Work towards fielding candidates in 100% of state legislature races at the State party level
  • Recruit young, under-40 candidates to run for state offices

The site will be expanding in the future to include a full website and blog, but for now it is a good look at some of the things that must be done — and can be done — to propel the GOP back into the majority.  We are still a center-right country.  The GOP suffers from abandoning its principles and poor organization in many areas of the country.  To regain majority status, and to maintain that majority, the GOP must return to its core principles, and create a grassroots and political organization that can combat that of the Democrats. is the beginning of that process.

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