A Hint of Obama’s Competency?

by Sal on November 11, 2008

in Politics

Obama ran a very effective and on-message campaign, but he is about to find that governing is much harder.  It seems in the last week, the Obama campaign can’t get their message straight.  Policy after policy, comment after comment, has been nuanced, toned down, or flat-out reversed.  Take, for example, the rapid take-down of the change.gov website.  Or the Polish missile shield, where Obama pledged to the President of Poland to support the shield, only to have the comment denied by another advisor.  Then there was the closing of Guantanemo Bay, and the relocating of prisoners to civilian prisons and courts.  Now, the Obama team is denying this.

There is absolutely no truth to reports that a decision has been made about how and where to try the detainees, and there is no process in place to make that decision until his national security and legal teams are assembled,” said Denis McDonough, a senior foreign policy adviser for the transition team, in a statement.

It seems that team Obama is having trouble staying on-message and deciding what its policies are.  If this is a sign of things to come, the Republicans should not have trouble convincing the American public that Obama is an innefectual and unqualified leader.  Of course, that implies that the GOP gets its act together.

H/T:  Ace of Spades

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