Minnesota is Slipping

by Ryan on November 11, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics,Tyranny

This Fox News report about the Minnesota Senate race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman recount is typical — whenever there’s a recount, the Dems seem to always miraculously get new votes.  I’ve long believed that recounts have simply become a measure for how many votes Democrats need to manufacture in order to win a race, or to raise enough doubt to delegitimize their shrouded opponents.

As it turns out, on election night the Republican Coleman was up by 725 votes.  One week later, he’s down to a 221 vote lead.  I wonder what all this will look like in another few days?  Here’s one assessment on what these changing numbers, mostly from three heavily Democrat districts, mean:

“To put this change in perspective, [one] single precinct’s corrections accounted for a significantly larger net swing in votes between the parties than occurred for all the precincts in the entire state for the presidential, congressional, or state house races.”

We are watching a theft taking place in front of our eyes.

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