More New Planets Found!

by Ryan on November 13, 2008

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NASA has released a few pictures of some new planets they’ve discovered around the star “Fomalhaut,” which is only 25 light years from Earth.  They can make out three of them around that star and have a picture of another planet around a second star.  The kinds of planets they are picking up are gas giants like Jupiter.  We do not have the capability to see an inner solar system around stars yet, if they even had one.

Back in the 1990s some astronomers noticed that some stars wobbled a bit.  Upon further study we find that the wobble is actually the small tug of planets around a star.  Since then around 300 alien planets have been found.  We’ve not discovered another Earth, nor might we any time soon.  We could be very astronomically unique or just another of many watery planets around the cosmos.  What’s cool is that we’re finally moving towards getting an answer to that question!

NASA photo.

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rocygen July 6, 2009 at 12:29 am

…and now i know what is the true picture of the new planets..

..i am so thanful..

..thank god i found it..


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