Jets Best Pats 34-31 in Overtime Thriller

by Ryan on November 14, 2008

in Sports

AFC East division rivals, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots met last night in Foxboro and the result was great football! 

Check out the last play of regulation with 0:08 on the clock:

Talk about a crazy ending!  Yet, the game was a tale of two halves:  the Pats weren’t playing offense in the first half, and the Jets weren’t playing defense in the second half.  The result: a first half shellacking by the Jets turned into an overtime game! 

Some say that the Jets beating the previously dominant Pats is the changing of a guard in the AFC East.  I believe, like others, that the Pats aren’t the same without Brady, Harrison, Thomas, or anyone above a fourth-string running back, so at least for this season it’s too hard to judge the Pats’ identity right now.  The Jets were up 24-6 with one-minute left in the first half and nearly blew the game (for full disclosure I wish they would have!).  It was an impressive half by the Jets (they looked scary-good), but that gave way to an equally unimpressive second half.  Nonetheless, if there ever was an opportunity for the Jets to take the division during the Patriot’s Brady-Era, this is the time to do it. 

And they look on the verge.

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