The Potential Secretary of State Pageant

by Ryan on November 15, 2008

in International Relations,Politics

I heard some Obama Cabinet buzz at dinner last night which irked me:  She Who Must Not Be Named was apparently spoken to about taking the Secretary of State job in a new Obama Nation Administration. 


So the Shrill One might be in charge of pushing Obama’s international agenda to our friends and enemies overseas?  Gag.  If that were to happen we’d probably see Governor Paterson of NY just put Bill in her vacated Senate seat.  Joy.  She’s probably the last thing Obama needs right now – being surrounded by Clintons, their sycophants, and their shadowy agendas.  We don’t even know if Obama is a smart politician since, well, he’s got no experience and his latest campaign was managed by others — he just showed up, smiled, and gave empty speeches which said nothing of substance.

That’s not all, though!  Apparently, the transition team has also spoken with Governor Bill Richardson.  In my opinion, he’d be a little better than SWMNBN in that he’s had some experience in the past dealing with foreign folks as former UN Ambassador.  However, he’s an apt Governor (by Democrat standards) and might do better as an outside voice. 

By the way, further buzz alludes to the possibility of John F’in Kerry too!  When will it end?!  I need an Advil.

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