Amnesty, Here We Come!

by Sal on November 17, 2008

in Politics

Now that Barack Obama has been elected, the typical round of Democrat special-interest groups are starting to attempt to collect their share of the prize from him.  Advocates of Amnesty and Illegal Immigration in general are pushing Obama to recognize their contribution to his election by passing the so-called “Comprehensive” immigration reform.  They argue that because 67% of Hispanic voters voted for him, along with 78% of Hispanic immigrants, he owes them.  La Raza in particular is pushing this action, and is sending a dire warning to Obama that he better act — or else.

With the near-passage of Amnesty in the last congress, it is going to be quite difficult to defeat it this time.  The GOP numbers in the House and Senate are such that now it would be almost impossible to block this legislation.  The only hope that we have to prevent this act will be grass-roots in nature.  It is a long shot at best, but when this vote comes to the floor, grassroots pressure will need to be exerted on the red-state Democrat congressman and Senators, especially those up for re-election in 2010.  This pressure will take the form of countless phone calls, emails, and fundraising of 527 groups to push these Congressmen and Senators.

Immigration lost in 2007 because of grassroots pressure.  This time, it will take an even more coordinated, concerted effort to prevent the rewarding of those who have no respect for our laws.

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