Mike Huckabee’s Coalition Building

by Mike on November 17, 2008

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The most successful Republican candidates for President are the ones who embody all three major categories of conservatism:  fiscal, social, and national security.  When a candidate is lacking in even one of these categories, he is certain to face an uphill climb in both the primary and in the general election.

No one knows for certain whether Mike Huckabee will run for President in 2012.  His latest book is probably a sign that he will not.  According to Time Magazine’s take on Huckabee’s new book, the Governor insults quite a few fellow conservatives while dismissing national security and fiscally conservative policies.  Not a winning strategy.

To Huck’s credit, his criticism of Mitt Romney is spot on:

Mitt Romney, Huckabee’s principal rival in Iowa, comes in for the roughest treatment. Huckabee writes that the former Massachusetts governor’s record was “anything but conservative until he changed the light bulbs in his chandelier in time to run for president.” He notes that Romney declined to make a phone call of congratulations after Huckabee beat the oddsmakers to win the Iowa caucuses, “which we took as a sign of total disrespect.

After that, its all down hill.  Huckabee accused social conservatives like Gary Bauer of “putting issue of national security before bedrock social issues like the sanctity of life and traditional marriage” and all-around conservatives like Fred Thompson of failing to understand the value of expanding the Republican Party base.  These would be fair criticisms if humans were incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time,  but our best candidates have always been the ones who support the rights of the unborn AND lower taxes AND a strong military.

Republican candidates who boldly supported all three facets of conservatism included Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, George Bush in 1988, George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.  Those who went wobbly either in their records or rhetoric include George Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, and John McCain in 2008.  I see a pattern.  As we await President-elect Obama’s inauguration, I do not want to add “Mike Huckabee in 2012″ to the list.  The fact that Huckabee wrote a book insulting the people he needs to win over tell me he might not want to either.

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angry white dude November 17, 2008 at 11:51 am

Hucksterbee is a tool! He is a poor excuse for a man! The crap he pulled over Romney’s religion is evidence! He was a pitiful, liberal governor and is the parsley on the plate of the Republican future.

Angry White Dude


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