Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

by Ryan on November 18, 2008

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I have a renewed faith in the Bond franchise with the second consecutive stellar movie with Daniel Craig reprising his role as James Bond.  Casino Royale (2006) was the best Bond movie I’d seen in a long time — Bond was real, gritty, unrefined, shadowy.  I guess (as a dude) the whole Roger Moore/Pierce Brosnan suave 007 thing had been sufficiently played out.  I want a Bond who’s shrewd, tough, and still gets the hottest chick in the room without completely compromising his “dude-hood” by morphing into a total wuss.  We got ‘em!

But it may not have been the case.  Casino Royale was an excellent film, but would the new Quantum of Solace maintain its level of goodness?  Before entering the theater it had the same quirky name-thing going on, hot chicks in the trailers, and Daniel Craig as Bond again.  So far so good…

Upon catching the film opening night, I was satisfied.  With a less-dense plot as the last one, Quantum picks up literally minutes after Casino (I liked that), so I suggest catching Casino again before seeing this one — it will really help with some of the names!  You have the formulaic megalomaniac, but also in place of the old-school, clandestine Cold War-era “SPECTRE” organization, we have the revelation of the existence of “Quantum,” another (more modernized) secret group bent on unnecessarily complicated schemes of global extortion and domination whose people have secretly penetrated every level of every government around the world.  I love it! 

I also liked that this movie tied so closely to Casino to really be a true sequel.  Bond’s character actually develops from movie to movie!  How novel!  While I believe Casino to be a superior film because of its intricate plot and great action (and let’s face it – Eva Green is super hot in that film), Quantum’s super-fast action, Bond girls, and a superb Bond in Craig, I give Quantum of Solace a solid B. 

My final thought is that while not an overall better movie than Casino, Quantum closes the door on earlier plotlines and opens other doors into a larger Bond universe.  It seems like a necessary movie in the grand scheme which may get better after the next one comes out and reveals new details overlooked by us this time around.  So, check it out and let me know what you think!

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