Al Qaeda’s Al Zawahiri Taunts Obama

by Mike on November 19, 2008

in Politics,War on Terror

Apparently Al Qaeda big shot Ayman al Zawahiri is hurling insults at Barack Obama while hiding under his rock, even calling him a “house negro.”  The link contains no video, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least part of it.  Oh yes, here an excerpt of the terrorist’s rant.

Looks like I jumped the gun with yesterday’s video.

As an American, I will always support my country and my President against terrorist scum.  As long as Obama keeps up the pressure on the War on Terror, Al Qaeda will grow less relevant with every passing day and our nation will be more secure.  The fact that Al Qaeda looks nothing short of silly when it insults Barack Obama is a testament to the leadership of President Bush’s leadership in the War on Terror.   Staying the course would be a wise move for our new President.

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