It’s Our Money, Congressman!

by Sal on November 19, 2008

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Neil Cavuto had Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) on his show last night to discuss the proposed automobile bailout.  Now, I understand the importance of the auto industry for Michigan, but Knollenberg, in arguing with Cavuto, stated that the government’s money is not our money.

Knollenberg has a point about the auto industry doing everything that was asked of it, such as Cafe standards, fuel efficient cars, etc.  It is the government’s excessive intervention, along with confiscatory union contracts, that is causing Detroit’s problems.  However, to claim that the money that the federal government has is not ours is a mentality that is at the heart of Washington’s problems.  One would expect this statement to come from a Democrat, but not from a Republican.

Fiscal Conservatism is at the heart of the Republican Party message that resonates with voters.  Low taxes and limited government, along with fiscal responsibility, is one of the key ways to win back Congress and the White House.  Yet when voters see the Republicans spend like drunken sailors, such as on the annual farm bill, the Socialist Bailout Package, or just good old fashioned Washington Pork, the party loses credibility.  Leaders such as Knollenberg, who was defeated on November 4, and Sen. Ted Stevens (of bridge-to-nowhere fame) need a re-education in the fact that it is our money, the taxpayers’ money, that they are playing with.  If they cannot grasp this simple, important concept, they should be shown the door.  I have had enough with these so-called Washington Elites, who don’t understand the frustration that those of us in the grassroots are experiencing with our party.  It’s OUR money, Congressman!

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Rep. Joe Knollenberg(R-MI): We Aren’t Using Taxpayer Money For Bailouts, Tinkerbell Sprinkled Pixie Dust | Right Voices
November 19, 2008 at 10:29 am

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Susan Tabet November 19, 2008 at 6:05 pm

NO BAILOUT FOR THE BIG THREE. I realize that thousands of people could be out of work, but they have to fire those fat-assed CEO’s who each spent $20,000 for a private jet ride to Washington to ask for a bailout. THE NERVE!!!
$20,000 is my annual gross income. Where is my bailout???!!!
All Americans need to re-think their priorities and morals. Why do we allow some people to make exorbitant amounts of money while they pay their labor force pennies. The American taxpayer needs to make a stand and let Washington know this is unacceptable. While we bail out banks, banks hoard this money and refuse to extend loans to the very taxpayers who gave them their bail out. Something is drastically wrong and it needs to stop.


Christopher Wiseman November 22, 2008 at 1:06 pm

The solution for the notsoBig3 is either merger or bankruptcy. The entire purpose of the bankruptcy law is to deal with companies that can no longer survive on their own and have no prospective of a white knite purchaser.

Let’s not forget that the notsoBig 3 all during the same time as the housing bouble was rapidly expanding, they were passing out cars like candy at Halloween with dealer incentive this and zero percent financing that. They created a glut of vehicles in the market. People who can’t afford them are of course not buying, people who don’t need them aren’t buying and people who can afford them and want to buy are picking and choosing because its a buyers market. They were openly sacrificing profit for market share and volume. Their problem, not ours.

As for the “$700 billion” bailout, Christopher Dodd Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee interviewed on NPR On Nov 21, was saying the number was actually $5 trillion. I have a breakdown of the figures on my site.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Buying stakes in companies is socialism. The government arbitrarily picking and choosing which companies fail or succeed is a command economy.

Who is too big to fail and who is not? Which workers are more important and which wokers are expendable? And how do you decide? Answer: All depends who’s in power and where the lobbyists and special interests dollars flow. No more corporate welfare handouts. No more union welfare handouts. No more lobbyist and special interest handouts. That’s how you let the economy fix itself.


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