Ozzy’s in a New Samsung Commercial

by Ryan on November 22, 2008

in Anything Else,Pop Culture

I wondered what happened to Ozzy after “The Osbournes” got cancelled a few years ago.  Well, he looks and sounds just the same.  Here’s a new Samsung commercial highlighting the humorous side of Ozzy’s near inability to speak:

I’ve been an Ozzy fan since the 1980s and even bought a few Ozzy documentaries back in the 1990s since I was obsessed with emulating Ozzy’s first solo guitarist, Randy Rhoads, in high school.  I was always amazed how Ozzy could sing an entire show, but couldn’t speak a coherent sentence.  So, I’ve been waiting for such a commercial for a long time. 

I suppose doing all the drugs Ozzy is said to have done, there were bound to be consequences.  I’ve often said:  science should study the bodies of Ozzy Osbourne and Keith Richards to find out why they are still alive.  Until then, we’ll enjoy them for their enduring entertainment value.

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