Alan Colmes Leaving Hannity & Colmes

by Mike on November 24, 2008

in Media,Politics

Alan Colmes has announced that he will leave Hannity & Colmes after 12 years of reading laundry lists of Democrat party talking points while his guests try to speak.  He will remain with the network.

Although he seems like a decent fellow, I can’t say I’ll miss Colmes.  His debate style consisted of nothing more than quickly reading a laundry list of Democrat talking points that sometimes related to the topic being discussed, followed by indecipherable crosstalk.  I will miss the eyebrow though.

There is no word yet on Colmes’ replacement.  Allahpundit is rooting for Kirsten Powers and I don’t disagree.  She is sane (a rarity on the left), intelligent, actually responds to her opponents’ arguments, and is nice to look at.  If she gets the nod, Hannity will have to bring his A game as he used to back in the 1990s.  Then the show might be watchable once again.

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Chris November 24, 2008 at 5:58 pm

Also rooting for Kirsten Powers…anybody but Beckel! My eyes will be relieved as I don’t have to look at Alan’s loud suits, but instead, Kirsten’s face. Glad we got to meet Joycelyn (his wife, Monica Crowley’s sister) before the end of his run.


Ryan November 24, 2008 at 7:19 pm

Both of you get a Mega Ditto on the Alan Colmes bashing. He’s been obnoxious over the last few years and has had a very small impact on the show other than his brief moments of whining and laundry-listing. It’s Sean’s show and he shows up form time to time. Kirsten Powers has my vote as well, I just hope they don’t go with the more seasoned and prosecutorial Susan Estrich… oh wait, this is Fox, they’ll opt for the babe every time!


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