Rudy for Senate?

by Sal on November 24, 2008

in Election 2010,Politics

With the now near-certainty that SWMNBN is going to leave the Senate to become Secretary of State, speculation turns to who will replace her?  Currently, it is expected that Democrat Governor David Paterson is reportedly expected to appoint New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to fill the vacancy until a special election in 2010.

Some are speculating that Rudy Giuliani may be interested in the seat.  While I have my disagreements with Rudy (especially on Abortion) he is far more Conservative in his practices and beliefs than most Northeast RINOs are (not to say he is a RINO).  Rudy would be far preferable to anyone else from the Democrat side who would run, and would give us a shot at a pickup in a normally deep blue state.  Of course, there has been no indication from Giuliani about whether he would seek the office or not (he may want to run against Paterson for Governor), but it is interesting to speculate nonetheless.

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Chris November 24, 2008 at 9:46 pm

A Cuomo-Giuliani Senatorial Election would make for great television (I predict he would win), but I think the Governor’s Office is more suited for Rudy than the Senate.

I would find it quite humorous in a circus-like fashion if David Paterson put Bill Clinton in her seat and while I highly doubt this would occur, nothing surprises me.


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