Bush Twins Turn 27 Today

by Ryan on November 25, 2008

in Anything Else,Politics

Jenna and Barbara Bush turn 27 years old today.  They still seem much younger in my head — kind of how I’m still shocked Chelsea doesn’t have braces anymore!  I still think of the twins like they’re at the 2004 RNC giving a hammy speech on behalf of their dad.  Apparently, they have been more seasoned since then.

For the record, of the two, I’m still a huge Barbara fan.  Jenna definitely seemed like the party girl, but settled down to get married (she’s Jenna Hager now) and has been rather subdued since her book and all.  Barbara, the more intellectual seeming of the pair, seems, well, more conservative and is getting a seasoning in world affairs lately.  Gotta respect that!

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