Health Care Innovation with Bobby Jindal

by Sal on November 25, 2008

in Politics

During the 1993-1994 period when Republicans were out of power in Washington DC, much of the Conservative innovation which contributed to the Republican Revolution in 1994 occurred at the state level, through innovations put forth by GOP governors.  Today, we are back again to where we were as a party in 1993-1994.  It will be Governors at the state level that implement reforms that will lead to Conservatism’s resurgence.

In Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal is working to implement a new Medicaid plan.  Health Care is an issue that is important to voters, but where Republicans have not put too much focus.  Jindal’s plan works to fix a Medicaid program that is bleeding money by placing medicaid fulfillment in the hands of private insurance companies rather than in the hands of the government.  This way, private companies can leverage quality of care issues, as opposed to the current government intervention that only pays doctors based on quantity of people seen and treatments offered.  The plan will help to control costs and improve the quality of care for those on Medicaid.  The plan is a good starting sppt for taking the government out of health care, rather than making it more intrusive as the plan here in Massachusetts or the plan proposed by Obama.

It is only by pushing through bold new Conservative reforms that the GOP will regain power in Washington, DC.  Jindal’s plan is a good first step.  While he may or may not be running for President in 2012, he is a solid Conservative and one of the GOP’s rising stars.  At a young age of 37, he has been both a member of Congress and Governor of his state.  Regardless of where he ends up, it is people like him who are the future of the GOP.e

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