Franken Will Drag This Out

by Sal on November 26, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

The Minnesota Senate race is still going through a recount.  Since the final result was within a few hundred votes, Coleman’s lead is widening in the stronghold of Minneapolis.  With 82% of the vote counted, Coleman has increased his lead to 231 votes.  It now looks like Franken is preparing for a court challenge.  Already, he is challenging invalidated absentee votes, requesting that they be counted.  There is also much speculation that Franken is gearing up for a court challenge.  I had originally put this one in the Democrat column, but it is looking increasingly possible that Coleman may be able to hang on.  Still, with over 3,000 challenged votes, anything could happen.  Let’s hope the Democrats aren’t able to steal another election.

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