Terror in Mumbai

by Ryan on November 27, 2008

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As you’ve probably heard by now, a new terror group calling themselves the “Deccan Mujaheddin” pulled off your standard al Qaeda-style multiple attack yesterday on 10 targets in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), killing over 100 people, injuring over 300 and taking Western tourists hostage.  Some of the dead have been identified as Western –British, Australian, etc. 

Events are still developing at this hour as this crisis is still unfolding in Mumbai. 

This group seems like your typical Islamist franchise group acting boldly in order to get attention and to take advantage of the international economic crisis.  The “DM” is upset with Indian policy in Kashmir, but their targeting of Western tourist destinations as well as the Indian Homeland Security chief, means that they are not simply disgruntled political guerrillas, but terrorists of an all-to-familiar vein. 

Our soldiers used to see a sign out by al Asad Airbase in Iraq which read: “Complacency Kills.”  The election of Obama (an inexperienced foreign policy boob) clearly indicated that we in America no longer fear terrorist attacks or infiltration in the USA the way we ought to — another success of the Bush Administration we hear little about.  Lucky for us this was in Mumbai and not the Lincoln Tunnel, which along with NYC had a heightened terror alert yesterday morning.  So to quote Mad-Eye Moody, “Constant Vigilance!” is what we need right now. 

Reuters photo.

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