NY Times Tries to Credit Iraq Victory to Democrats

by Sal on November 30, 2008

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It is no secret that the surge in Iraq has been a major success, turning what seemed to be approaching a quagmire into a victory.  The Bush administration, after many setbacks during the first four years of the war, turned it around thanks to the leadership and counter-insurgency strategy of General David Petraeus.  Now, victory in Iraq is something that is imminent rather than something that seems like only a distant hope.

So who deserves credit for this?  Certainly General Petraeus, whose counter-insurgency strategy changed the course of the war.  John McCain, who pushed the surge strategy is another one who deserves much credit, along with his allies in the Senate such as Lindsy Graham and Joe Lieberman, as well as the rest of the Republican Caucus that fought for the surge strategy in early 2007.  President Bush also deserves credit for changing course and helping to lead our armed forces as Commander-in-Chief towards this victory.

The New York Times, in an Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman, has other ideas.  Rather than give credit to the Bush Administration, Friedman attempts to present the opportunity of Iraq as a Democratic force in the Middle East — something long touted by the Bush administration but ridiculed by the Left and the Drive-By Media — as a means for Democrats to shore up their national security credentials by taking credit for the Iraq victory. This, in spite of the fact, that the Democrats did everything that they could to insure defeat.  Gateway Pundit reminds us of Harry Reid’s assertion that the war was lost.

The Democrats fought against this war with everything that they had.  The current President-Elect ran on the fact that the war was a mistake, and if he had gotten his way, we would not be on the verge of victory like we are today.  The Slimes is being disingenuous, and should give President Bush the credit he deserves.  I won’t hold my breath.

H/T:  Confederate Yankee

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