Catholic Schools Catering to Muslims?

by Sal on December 2, 2008

in Culture,Religion

The Bishops of England and Wales are now catering to Muslim demands.  According to a report in the UK Daily Mail, the Bishops of England and Wales are requiring Catholic Schools to install Muslim prayer rooms and to ensure that toilet facilities cater to Muslim cleaning rituals.

Say what?  Although 30% of students at UK Catholic Schools are non-Catholic, it is important for Catholic schools to maintain their Catholic identity — otherwise, what is the point?  Many parents send their children to Catholic School to immerse them in Catholic culture.  Ecumenism is all well and good, and is an important part of religion, but Catholic Schools catering to Muslim religious needs should be outside the bounds of what a Catholic school exists for.  Otherwise, where do you draw the line?  Are they going to require all female students to wear Burkas, or celebrate Ramadan?  What special accommodations will be made for Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Protestants, Wiccans, or any other religion out there?

I am eagerly awaiting the announcement from the 150 or so Muslim schools in the U.K that they are planning to to start holding Daily Mass, Confessions, and Adoration to accommodate their Roman Catholic students.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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