Go Saxby!

by Ryan on December 2, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Incumbent Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) is slated to win his run-off election against Democrat challenger Jim Martin tonight.  The polls in Georgia close at 7pm.

The Anointed One Emperor Zero Most Merciful and Beneficent Lord Barack Hussein Obama (Esq) did not stump for Jim Martin, basically because Chambliss beat Martin handily on November 4, just not the required 50% +1 – hence the run-off. 

Super Sarah Palin stumped for Chambliss at four massive rallies yesterday to inspire the faithful: 

Ain’t she great.  With a filibuster-proof Senate in the balance, I believe Georgia’s GOP will turn out to do the right thing.  So I predict Chambliss will keep his seat, despite the potential for low turnout — the GOP is more energized and frustrated since November 4, while the Dems already suffer from hubris.

Aside from all that, I want Chambliss to win for a selfish reason — I love saying his name!  Try saying it with an aristocratic, kind of Foghorn Leghorn-type Southern drawl… it’s funny sounding to me and his presence would be sorely missed for practical as well as aesthetic reasons if he lost.

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