What Does Obama Really Stand For?

by Sal on December 4, 2008

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One of the signature issues that propelled The One to victory in the primaries was his unwavering opposition to the war in Iraq, and the promise to bring the troops home.  The One was praised for his consistency, his clarity of thinking, and the fact that he opposed the war from the very beginning. In fact, it was his opposition to the war that led to many on the kook fringe to throw their support behind him.

Today The New York Slimes reports today, that even after the “troop withdrawal” in 2011, The One plans to leave behind tens of thousands of troops. Obama counters criticism of his changing his mind as a nuance, saying that he would only remove “combat troops” and that this would merely be a “residual force” dictated by conditions on the ground.

While I am pleased with his decision and will praise it (I give credit where credit is due) if it is carried out, it now seems that Obama is simply continuing the Bush policy in Iraq now that he has won the election.  Throughout his campaign, Obama has promised change, and the only change he has delivered on thus far is constantly changing his mind.  Which begs the question… What Does Obama really stand for?

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rightonoz December 5, 2008 at 6:59 pm

IF we took a charitable approach we MIGHT consider that his changed approach COULD be due to his now being privy to high level information previously known only to the President and his advisers that requires a responsible President (elect) to take a different path.

On the other hand he might just be flip flopping.


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