Rogue’s Island Strikes Again with Even Higher Taxes

by Ryan on December 7, 2008

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I couldn’t resist commenting on this latest scheme out of my former home state, the dying State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations! 

Because the Democrat-controlled state legislature is invested so heavily in buying the votes of their constituents through the welfare-state socialism and corruption which has dominated Lil’ Rhody for decades, they simply cannot “cut” any program whatsoever.  Hence, the cost for their lazy approach to governance is to punish the very people they want to help — this time with new toll roads, higher fuel taxes, and a potential tax on the number of miles one drives in order to raise revenue for the ailing road system!  The people are already taxed to the brim in RI.

It’s the smallest state with the biggest name… as well as being tied with Michigan for the country’s highest unemployment rate — a whopping 9.3% compared with the national average of 6.7%!  That’s European levels of unemployment.  Rhode Island is a perfect example of how 74 years of one-party rule in its legislature can slowly asphyxiate a state and crush the will of its people to recognize alternatives. This expose is a perfect illustration of that and nearly twenty years old!

The Democrat Party in RI is demonstrating how to Dems see power as more important than the people — the people only exist to service the goverment, therefore if the government is in trouble, it’s the people who always get screwed.  The only reason why RI is in a financial crisis is because the state’s government has grown beyond its means to pay for its liabilities.  Yet, they will not “cut” the biggest programs and risk losing their power — which also says a lot about citizens who cannot see what is happening to them or blindly refuse to acknowledge who’s at fault.  Occasionally, though, when a Republican Governor comes in and proposes cuts, the Dems pounce on what a meanie he is, and the Dems win the argument. 

My conclusion: they should classify the average RI voter as having a certain kind of mental disorder or disability.

Is this what the rest of the nation has to look forward to in an Obama Nation next year — more government spending on things we can’t afford since “cutting” is a new curse word, in an effort for the Dems to make more people dependent on the government and thereby increase their voting base?  Looks like RI and Michigan are on the verge of leading the national trend.

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Rogue’s Island Strikes Again with Even Higher Taxes
December 7, 2008 at 10:38 am

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