Sheldon Robinson, An American Hero

by Sal on December 9, 2008

in War on Terror

State Troopers have to deal with a lot, from belligerent drunk drivers to dealing with violent criminals, but one thing that they probably don’t expect to have to deal too much with is terrorism.  Trooper Sheldon Robinson was thrown into a terrorist situation in Oklahoma last week, and he performed heroically.

Thursday, while off-duty, Robinson dropped off his wife and children at a Burger King while he went to go get an oil change.  A few minutes later, he received a call from her telling him that they were being held by a man with a gun who was threatening to kill everyone inside the Burger King.  Robinson headed back, and when he arrived, his wife and children, along with many others, had escaped the restaurant.  Still, Robinson proceeded to investigate.  He peered in the window and saw the man with a glock and a box of ammunition, praying to Allah for help.  Robinson snuck inside, tackled the suspect, and after a brief struggle, cuffed him.

Robinson is a hero.  There is no telling how many people would have been hurt or killed if not for his intervention.  Even after he realized his family was safe, he still proceeded to put his life in danger to stop this would-be terrorist.  Terrorism can happen anywhere, and we are lucky to have citizens such as Sheldon Robinson.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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