Republicans Stand Strong on Auto Bailout Filibuster

by Ryan on December 10, 2008

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It looks like we’re on the verge of seeing the first sortie of the 2010 Election over the issue of bailing out the Big Three automakers, Chrysler, GM and Ford.  The never-ending call from private industry for bailouts are starting to irk the general public.

Thusly, a few brave Republicans in Congress are actually both making sense and speaking for the people through threatening to filibuster the bad legislation, which would include at least a $14 billion bailout and a new “car czar”. It is likely to pass the House, perhaps even tonight, and be off to the Senate.  This particular bailout potentially opens the door for full-out nationalization of the American car industry since the cards are so stacked against the Big Three.  They won’t be “allowed” to fail now, but the inevitable green regulations will sink them in the short-term future anyway.  I guess at that point they won’t be “allowed” to fail either, so we’ll dig into our pockets one more time and the cycle will continue until nationalization is the only avenue the Dems can see.

I like the Republican’s approach here.  They will probably ultimately lose this argument, especially by January 20th.  But, that’s what I like about it — ultimately being able to put the Dems on record supporting this (and other bad) legislation at a time when they can no longer blame Republicans for its eventual consequences.

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Chris December 10, 2008 at 5:50 pm

The bailout legislation also requires that if accepted, the Big 3 drop their lawsuit against CA regarding CAFE Standards.

If gas prices continue to stay down (they’ll be up soon once Obama is president…and I hope I’m wrong), there is no way they will be able to sell any of those golf carts that they pass off as hybrids. Therefore, the government will have further contributed to the failure of the American auto industry.


rightonoz December 11, 2008 at 7:00 pm

A few brave Republicans who just happen to have non union Japanese, Korean or German car factories in their beighbourhood from those who’s backgrounds I have checked thus far! One went as far as to try to pre-emp the question by saying he was not responding to any pressure from the local foreign owned factory…

I’m not commenting on the merits or otherwise, just a percieved hypocrisy . These same repesentatives were apparently happy for big hand outs to entice the foreign factories to their nieghbourhood.

On the CAFE standards in California, they do not seem even as tough as the Euro 3 standards that every car maker has to meet for the European (plus Australia/NZ)market, so their bleating about the cost and technology etc is just so much BS. Their own subsidiaries in Europe and here in Australia know all about meeting even tougher standards than CAFE, without any apparent rise on costs.

Just as an aside, saw the DVD Charlie Wilson’s War last night. I know Republicans credit Reagan with bringing down the Soviet Union, however this guy with his almost single handed effort to arm the Afghani’s resulted in the military defeat of the Soviet’s which started the decline. Were we failed was not following through and helping rebuild the country to stop the radicals gaining support and giving shelter to terrorists. Was surprised to find he was a Dem, guess there are even some good Dem’s. Also he was a man after my own heart, a bit of a womaniser and drinker!!! Did a little research overnight and the movie (Tom Hanks) is very close to the reality.


Sal December 16, 2008 at 9:01 am

I agree there is some perceived hypocrisy. However, I frankly don’t care as it is the right thing to do regardless. Government handouts/bailouts to businesses or individuals (welfare) is not right, and is detrimental to the free market. The liberalism that has been injected into our economy since the 1930s is a house of cards that is starting to crumble.

On CAFE standards. the main reason it is in issue is not the Euro 3 standards or anything else. It is that the Government imposed new CAFE standards that the auto-makers have to meet in the near future (2012 I believe, but could be wrong). When Detroit was doing badly a decade ago, they found a new market in the Sport Utility Vehicles. It was there that Detroit rebuilt itself and was able to start showing profits. The new Cafe standards wreck their entire business model. Whether you agree with the standards or not, it was government intervention which partially caused the current Detroit crisis.


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