Colin Powell: Another Whiney RINO

by Ryan on December 13, 2008

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Colin Powell is a well-established RINO.  So, I suppose his endorsement of The One last month was just another way for him to demonstrate his Republican credentials, at least according to the tone of this CNN story

Among other things, Powell takes a swipe at the conservative direction the party needs to go in by picking on Rush Limbaugh of all people!  Using Rush to attack Republicans is a classic media-pandering RINO tactic, indicating too that Powell probably doesn’t listen to Rush very often (at least Obama had the decency to start picking on Sean Hannity instead of treading the well-worn old ground of Rush-bashing).  Powell also believes that the Republicans have been guilty of “polarization” — has Powell been under a rock (or perhaps Iraq) since 2001?  Hmm… press rehabilitation perhaps…

This is yet another telling sign of the RINO — reinforcing the Democrat line that responding to Democrat attacks is being mean, or in this case, “polarizing.”  We know where this eventually leads: he essentially thinks the Republican Party needs to be Democrat-lite in order to win future elections.  We tried that.  It was called the 1970s.  It didn’t work then either  — sounds like more of the old “pale pastels” to me.

Also, issue-by-issue it’s hard to see a candidate more like Powell’s ideal than John McCain, who has often thrown Republicans under the bus, who goes out of his way to embrace liberal Democrats when a camera is nearby to promote his “maverick” status, who’s drank the Kool-Aid on global warming, who thinks loud music is torture, etc.  Yet, Powell didn’t vote for him either. 

I’m actually waiting for a journalist to one day actually ask Powell bluntly: “What makes you a Republican today?”  I’d love to hear his response.

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Jim H December 13, 2008 at 8:28 pm

I hate to use hate but I have had enough of being a nice guy.
Who in the world is Colin Powell to come out a take a swipe at Rush.
I know a conservative and Colin is no conservative. He has crossed over the other side, that being a socialist. AKA PROGRAMS BY THE GOVERNMENT, and all kinds of in your face government.
I listen to Rush because he tells it like it should be told, if our Republican agenda is done then leave us alone, why in the world are the democrats and Colin so worried about our agenda. n
In a matter of a month the Messiah will run our once great country to the ground with their no growth and green forever agenda. You see how it has worked in the States of Illinois and Michigan they can really run governments. God Help Us. Its never enough that the left owns the print media which is going bankrupt as we speak, who wants to read that crap anyway. How about the networks I will try to list from memory what monopoly they own…abc,cbs,nbc,hbo,msnbc,cnn,david letterman,the view,meet the depressed,katie,brokenjaw,and remember General Electric owns NBC. All of these networks were in the tank for Obama, lets ignore that from our great journalists. Our election was so fair with this going on, these networks were giving out the koolaid at the door. Hey if you don’t like RUSH turn the channel idiots of the left…there is more to listen to. Don’t infringe on Rush’s Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech.


Sal December 16, 2008 at 8:25 am

As Rush pointed out on yesterday’s show, we gave Powell and others like him exactly the type of candidate that they wanted, and Powell still voted for Obama. We should leave those like Powell behind, stick to true Conservatism, and if they want to follow along at some point down the road, so be it. Otherwise, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Secretary Powell.


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