We Never Even Called Her By Her Name

by Mike on December 15, 2008

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It is my great pleasure to announce that the She Who Must Not Be Named taboo has been lifted.  From this point forward, we call Hillary Clinton by her name.

When we began this site in 2005, we envisioned a conservative political blog with a touch of reality television and other pop culture topics.   At the time, Hillary was the overwhelming favorite to win the Democrat Party’s nomination for President  in 2008.  With the nation facing the threat of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, this blog with two Harry Potter fans thought it would be amusing to compare her to the main villain in J.K. Rowling’s masterpieces, Lord Voldemort.  In the Harry Potter universe, Voldemort’s evil is such that everyday people are too terrified to even speak his name, instead referring to him as either “You Know Who” or “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

Calling Hillary “She Who must Not Be Named” therefore seemed perfect.  The woman is always up to no good, scares normal people, and was in a position to be the most powerful person in the world.  And as the only female candidate in the race, calling her “She Who Must Not Be Named” kept the joke alive while allowing us to cover Hillary-related news.  After all, even though we didn’t say her name, everyone knew exactly who we were talking about.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.

As the world now knows, Hillary Clinton has been defeated and Barack Obama is our President-elect.  By the time Hillary could run again, she will be an unelectable 69 year old hag.  Although she will always be relevant and influential, especially as Secretary of State, she will never be the most powerful person in the world.  There is no need to be afraid anymore.  From now on, we call her by her name.

But don’t worry, even though we won’t be calling her “She Who Must Not Be Named” anymore, we’ll still post unflattering pictures.  Come to think of it, those are the only kind she takes.

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Ryan December 16, 2008 at 4:38 pm

Hillary Clinton.


It just feels so weird to write it here after so long!

But, not to say a name is to perpetuate the fear of the thing itself, and as you pointed out, the once real fear has significantly diminished.

Plus, how the heck does she THINK that picture in the photo is going to come out? Right?!? How much of everything in her career has she done to herself…


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