Greek Riots are a Harbinger of Things to Come

by Ryan on December 16, 2008

in Europe,Politics

Riots have rocked Greece for over a week now — they’ve even taken over a TV station today.  On the surface, it seems like the police shooting of a 15-year-old sparked the whole thing, but the bitterness amongst the Grecian youth has been simmering for years and has finally erupted onto the streets. 

The youth of Greece generally agrees with the civil unrest, but have no specific political aims just yet (sounds like a typical bunch of young university protesters to me!).  They aren’t a movement because they aren’t standing for anything in particular, which is why the black-shirted and masked anarchists are all over this. 

At the heart of the frustration is Greece’s dysfunctional political establishment with its cronyism, political paybacks, and socialist welfare state designed to aid the old at the expense of the young — there is no future for young people in Greece and the young people want that to change: 21% of Greeks have a college diploma, but most can neither get a job in their field or a steady one outside their field without running into the statist ”legal work limit” which can’t pay the bills.

It’s a harbinger of things to come in the rest of Europe and eventually the United States if we’re not careful.  The West’s social welfare system was designed to hook-up people and their children at the time of its inception.  The problem is, the comfy maternalistic nature of the European social welfare state has kept its subjects in a state of perpetual childhood — the most ominous example: sex is solely for fun, not for having babies.

So, who’s going to pay the bills when you get old if you have few or no kids to tax?

Greece is experiencing the breaking point where the state’s liabilities to one group of citizens are crushing the spirit and drive of another group — the one which is is stuck paying the bills of the older moochers.  This is the ultimate future of Social Security and Medicare in America by 2040, and a future which will soon be seen in Scandinavia and Spain, before slamming Britain, France and Germany within a generation.

Look at Greece today and look at our future in the West if we stay down this road.

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