The Answer to NY’s Budget Woes: Tax EVERYTHING!

by Ryan on December 17, 2008

in Culture,Economy

New York Governor David Paterson is acting exactly the way Democrats do when dealing with budget issues: cut little meaningless stuff if anything at all, and make sure you get creative in raising existing taxes or by creating brand new taxes.  You’ve probably heard the details by now, but just in case here are a few new taxes to meet NY’s ever-growing budget liabilities:

  • The iPod Tax on any computer media downloads
  • The Non-Diet Drink Tax
  • The Taxi Tax, which includes an extra tax on limos and buses
  • The Beer Tax (shudder) to add to already existing alcohol taxes, which includes wine and spirits as well
  • The Cable and Satellite TV Tax
  • The Haircut Tax, which includes the gym memberships and massages
  • The Gasoline Tax addition, which eliminates state’s ceiling on taxing a gallon of gas 
  • Etc.

Why on God’s Green Earth would anyone want to live or do business in New York State?  The people who live in NYC can’t complain too much for the access, energy and style of the place (big cities are pricey everywhere), but what about those other “folks?”   You know, those people who actually pay taxes and contribute positively to the system.  Why do we always get screwed so that politicians can keep their existing power-base acquiescent?  Most of those are dependent rubes don’t even vote in large numbers!

If I was throwing a party in the Palisades, I would (without question) drive over to New Jersey and buy all the beer, wine, spirits, cigars, regular Coke&Pepsi, and gasoline I could.  On the way I’d get a haircut and drive to a Starbucks with my laptop to download all my favorite songs wi-fi before going back to NY.

Rush Limbaugh joked today about how some people will get around this — they’d buy Diet Coke instead!  That is until Paterson asks for a diet-drink tax to make up the “lost” revenue on the regular soft drinks no one is buying!

There was once a time in America when a 3 pence tax on a pounds’ worth of tea sparked a revolution (that’s a 3% consumption tax on one specific product).

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