The Kennedy “Mistake”

by Ryan on December 21, 2008

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I grew up in Rhode Island.  Like New Jersey has New York envy, RI has Massachusetts envy — we just want to matter, so we’ll latch on to certain aspects our more exciting neighbor to bask in some of their glow. 

That being said, RI is in love with the Kennedy’s.  John and Jackie were married in Newport, Ted (hiccup) is the Senator next door along with John F. Kerry, and Glug-Glug’s son Patches [Patrick] is RI’s First Congressional District’s Representative (it’s a mark of pride amongst RI Republicans to be able to vote against him).  Growing up around the Kennedy’s in the news all the time and not having drank the Kool-Aid, I see them as a manifestation of the monarchical strain deeply infecting the American Left since 1963. 

So, I generally don’t like the Kennedy’s and think their “mystique” is something of a “mistake” we keep making politically due to meaningless nostalgia.  Nostalgia doesn’t balance a budget, cut taxes, or defend our nation; action does and the Kennedy political family history is rife with poor choices and actions.  At least the Kennedy Kool-Aid drinkers are old and fading, while the youth have a more discerning eye of a name and family who evoke a specific image and feeling some 45 years old. 

So Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg wants (gulp) Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat because she 1. cares, 2. has had family experience simply being around politics (hey, that worked for Hillary in NY), and 3. she’s a Kennedy with a birthright to high office.  Here’s Daniel Flynn’s take on this sense of entitlement:

“One could forgive Schlossberg for the sense of entitlement. It runs in the family. No qualifications, many disqualifications — the job is yours. That is the Kennedy way.

Grandfather Joe Kennedy, who made millions in insider trading and other stock swindles, somehow greased his way into becoming the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Robert F. Kennedy Sr. had never tried a single case in a courtroom before President John Kennedy appointed him attorney general, and the fact that they were brothers was an obvious conflict of interest. Schlossberg’s uncle Ted had never held a paying job, save for a two-year stint in the army, before election to the Senate in 1962.”

Well, a Kennedy is trying it again in NY.  Let’s hope NY doesn’t make the same mistake by appointing a Kennedy to high office because of her maiden name!  But, then again, it is NY and Hillary got in for ostensibly the same reason — except the people of NY voted for her; Paterson would anoint appoint Kennedy this time if he so chooses… and I wouldn’t put anything passed him.

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Chris December 21, 2008 at 12:35 pm

The New Yorkers are starstruck hence their history of carpetbagging Democrat ‘superstars’ (in the media’s eye) that have represented the state in the Senate. I hope upstate gets riled up enough that they either vote her out or Paterson out in 2010 when Giuliani decides which office he wants.

For the record, as a lifelong New Jerseyan, I do not have one iota of New York envy. NJ could match up to NY is just about everything. New Yorkers are also somewhat responsible for the blueing of NJ as they have escaped the liberal policies of NY and unfortunately brought them here.


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