Bush Pardons 19, but Missed One Biggie

by Ryan on December 23, 2008

in Politics

President Bush exercised his Constitutional right to pardon some folks today.  His number is up to 191 – much less than BJ or Reagan over their two terms.  Today, Bush issued 19 pardons and one commutation, none of which seem very controversial, and a couple were even posthumus.

Missing from the pardons was Scooter Libby.  I have a feeling Bush will wait until very close to Inauguration Day before issuing that one.  If Bush doesn’t pardon Libby, then he missed a real chance to right a wrong. 

The Valerie Plame nonsense was a phony scandal and no one should have to continue to suffer because of it.  Libby was grilled for multiple hours on multiple days by Independent Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald’s people and they found a small discrepancy in some of the testimony.  Libby didn’t leak Valerie Plame’s name, Richard Armitage did, but Armitage faces no legal action (nor should he since the leak was technically not illegal) and Libby may in an Obama Nation. 

While ultimately Libby’s sentence was “commuted,” Bush should nonetheless right this wrong before he leaves office by giving Libby a full-out pardon.

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