Renewed Violence in Gaza

by Ryan on December 28, 2008

in Israel,War on Terror

“Second verse, same as the first.” 

“You sound like a broken record.” 

“Been there, done that.” 

“Renewed violence in Gaza.”

Get the picture?  Hamas decided last week that it would be prudent to end the latest ceasefire with Israel.  Then Hamas proceeded to get its butt kicked.  Now they are complaining about the very violence they restarted this time around in hopes to get Egypt to enter the fight.  It’s not working and the Palestinian death toll could hit 300 by the end of the day — most of them are Hamas police forces. 

Hamas picked a fight they cannot win and Israel is showing no signs of backing down, but why should they since Hamas continues to hit Israeli targets with rocket attacks.  I can already hear the UN lackeys and the ”anti-Zionist” crowd saying the Israeli response is “disproportionate,” but I wonder how they’d feel if their country were attacked by a perennial enemy bent on their utter destruction. 

West Bank Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has called for Hamas to renew the ceasefire at the same time the Hamas leaders in exile in Syria are calling for another “intifada,” or Palestinian uprising.  Abbas is politically jockeying for position as the model Palestinian leader bent on resolution and stability, rather than incessant suicidal forays into Israeli gunfire or missiles.

Ultimately, things will blow up for a while, Israel will back off when the people they need to hit are gone, the “Arab Street” will be mad (but do nothing to really help the Palestinian’s situation), and an unstable lull will return.  Then we’ll do it all again sometime soon.

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Bob December 30, 2008 at 4:11 pm

As Rush Limbaugh once said one side will need to be soundly defeated until this conflict can come to an end. In addition, the palestinians have nothing to complain about…they elected these thugs to lead them. As Americans will get what they voted for so are the arabs….


Ryan December 31, 2008 at 11:29 am

That’s actually a great point about Hamas’ election.

Unlike previous eras, Hamas is now the popularly elected governing party of Gaza (remember that purge of Fatah a few years ago). Notice there’s not much complaining from the West Bank. They too are Palestinians, but pretty quiet.

Unlike a totalitarian situation where the people can hardly be blamed for their government’s actions, those is Gaza brought this on themselves through a transparent democratic process. If they want to change the situation, it’s in their hands now — that’s part of the responsibility of democracy. One’s sympathy can only stretch so far otherwise.


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