Mangini Fired

by Ryan on December 29, 2008

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Two years ago, he was not just Eric Mangini, new coach of the New York Jets, he was the “Man-genius” for taking Jets to the playoffs in his first year as head coach.  The Jets were 10-6 that season.  Following that was a meek 4-12 season.  Yet, behind the scenes the Jets had built a team ready to come out in 2008 and do great things.  Mangini’s Jets even added the homeless football hero Brett Favre to the roster and managed a 9-7 season, handing the seemingly unbeatable Tennessee their first loss of the season.

However, because of a late-season collapse due to Favre interceptions at the worst possible times (in my opinion) as well as something about playing on the West Coast, Mangini was fired today

I am not happy with this development.  I do believe it was a rash decision based on things out of Mangini’s control.  Mangini was not on the field throwing 3 damaging pics yesterday in a playoff-style game against division foe, Miami.  The game plan could have been better, but ultimately the players were out-played in the trenches.  I’ve felt that over the last month or so Mangini’s body language was that of a man in trouble up at the front office.

From another point of view, being Bill Belichick’s nemesis Mangini’s presense provided drama and personal knowledge of his opponent when the division foes met.  It was great football.  What I’m trying to say is this:  Mangini at the Jets ultimately makes the Pats a better team, less complacent in a normally weak division of late.  It hearkened back to the Bill Parcells vs. Pete Carroll days of division rivals with personal knowledge of the players and office.  Football as chess.  Now, no more.

Also, the Brown’s Romeo Crenell and the 0-16 Detroit Lions’ Rod Marinelli were both canned too.

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