Blago Makes His Senate Pick

by Ryan on December 30, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Blago’s not going anywhere soon and asserted himself today in a surprising manner.  He’s still the Illinois Governor and using his gubernatorial power has done what no one thought he had the gall to do under his current political circumstances – he picked a person to replace The One’s vacant Senate seat by appointing political insider and former Attorney General 71-year-old Roland Burris to the spot. 

Then, Blago blamed the legislature for not acting fast enough to create a law making the appointment the result of a special election! 

What is the Democrat-controlled Illinois legislature to do?  Burris is black, making it nearly impossible to just shrug-off the appointment!  By the same token, Harry Reid said he would not seat Burris in the next Congress, possibly stymieing the appointment of the only black Senator in the US Senate?  Interesting move with possible fallout on the way.

Is it possible that Blago’s sheer gall and simple refusal to leave keep him in office when this is all over?  It looks like Blago is actually in control of the situation; every time I see the impeachment committee they look weak and timid.

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