I’m kind of glad to see this year go.  While fun was had, disappointments and external events put a particular funk on this year as I look back on it.

The biggest story of the year happened on my birthday when America chose to embrace our new status as an Obama Nation.  We deserve what we got — Republicans didn’t really compete with new ideas or a good top-ticket candidate, and the Dems rode the coattails of the Empty Suit who was basically a biracial version of John Edwards.  We still know very little about Obama except he’s surrounded himself with Clinton sycophants and embraces failed Keynesian theories on the economy.

Add to that the horrible implosion of John McCain, the economy, relations with Russia, and recently Israel and Gaza, and 2008 needs to go as soon as possible.  Witnessing Chinese totalitarianism on display this summer during that opening ceremony was also pretty creepy.

Yet, even night shall pass…

We were introduced to Sarah Palin this year!  That was very cool.  She scared the heck out of the Left — a real woman who is accomplished, strong, pretty and conservative!  Nice.  

Also, Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan joined the short list of articulate conservative politicians who can move the party back to a true message with a contrast — nobody wins if we remain Democrat-lite.  I also like Mike Pence and what Newt’s been doing in the background these last few years.

Plus, it became the political consensus this year that the Iraq War is ostensibly won, despite the Left’s attempt to sabotage our success over there!  Very cool also.

Finally, who can forget (She Who Now Will Be Named) Hillary Clinton’s political collapse this year!  Brilliant.

I saw a few good movies this year.  My favorite was The Dark Knight, which I highly recommend to those of you who still haven’t seen it. 

Aside from a few personal crises over the summer, I had a pretty good year — I went to the Super Bowl, my brother got married, and in lieu of the current financial crisis, my job is still pretty secure.  I also went salsa dancing for the first time and got to shoot some real guns at a firing range for the first time as well (that happened to be the day after Election Day by the way).  I believe 2009 will hold good things as well.

So, I hope everyone has a great New Year and stays out of too much trouble tonight (the cops are in full force)!  2009 promises to be much better than 2008 if we make it that way, and as a conservative I’m also an optimist about our ability to embrace greatness in this country.  Happy New Year!

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