Arizona Cardinals Win a Playoff Game!

by Ryan on January 3, 2009

in Sports

No, I’m not joking! 

I just finished watching something I may tell my grandkids one day — I witnessed the Arizona Cardinals actually win a home playoff game 30-24!  1947 was the last time the Cardinals hosted a playoff game, so I’m not totally kidding about that. 

I’m not a Cardinals fan by any stretch, but they’ve been so bad for so long that it was actually nice to seem them win in the post season to a 10-7 record.  It was cool seeing the perennially bad Bengals succeed a few years ago too (won’t be seeing that again for a while!).

Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, however, have the dubious distinction of actually losing to the Cardinals.  It was pretty pitiful.  Granted the Cardinals were pretty good this season, but the way they’ve played in December I believed they’d be one-and-done.

So, the first game of the NFL Playoffs was a shocker and pretty entertaining.

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Chris January 4, 2009 at 1:22 am

And if the Eagles lose tomorrow (which I hope they do but am not sure if they will), the Cardinals will be on their way to Meadowlands Mauling III!


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