Ground War in Gaza

by Ryan on January 4, 2009

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Israel has moved the tanks and troops into the Gaza Strip in the latest phase of “Operation Cast Lead;”  Israel’s attempt to get Hamas to embrace a lasting ceasefire.  Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas has called Israel’s incursion “brutal aggression,” and the UN is hyperventilating over Israel’s actions of late, citing the laughable phrases “disproportionate” and “indiscriminate” when describing Israel’s week-long reaction to Hamas missile attacks on Israeli soil.

What about Hamas’ random missiles being fired at civilian targets?  Crickets from the UN on that one.  What about Israel’s right to defend its territorial integrity from foreign attack or invasion?  Crickets again from the UN.  The UN is not interested in Mideast peace, they are interested in maintaining the status quo, which is neither peaceful nor stable.  Their impulse is to blame Israel first — but it was Hamas who broke the cease-fire and threatened to turn Gaza into an Israeli “graveyard.” 

Remember that the UN Security Council still has France seated as a permanent member.  France’s population is at least 15% Muslim so there is huge pressure to assuage the young angry protesters anyway the French Government (history’s surrender monkeys) can.  Internal politics in other countries has pushed them in a similar, unprincipled direction. 

Where are all these Muslims running to actually, substantively support the Palestinians over the last 30 years?  Crickets on that one too, except from the safety outside a car they just set on fire in a Paris suburb. 

Remember too that it is Hamas which moves its military operations into civilian areas knowing Israel will attack them, ostensibly using Palestinian civilians as human shields for the purpose of winning a propaganda war which Hamas is unable to achieve on a symmetric battlefield effort.  This makes Hamas an evil which must be defeated decisively.  I fully support Israel in their latest offensive, and believe the UN’s anti-Israeli reaction to this is disturbing, if not typical by now.

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Chris January 4, 2009 at 6:00 pm

I really hope Israel holds strong on defeating these barbarians and avoids any talk of a ‘cease-fire.’ While there may be no actual fighting during a ‘cease-fire,’ the Hamas barbarians use this time to re-arm and get ready to attack Israeli civilians on another day. It’s time for the IDF to defeat them once and for all. (and cover as much ground before Obama is inaugurated, who isn’t exactly a bff to Israel)


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