Look Who Showed Up to Lunch

by Ryan on January 7, 2009

in Election 2008,Nostalgia,Politics

From right to left Jimmah, Bubba, Dubya, The Emperor Zero Most High Merciful and Beneficent Lord Barack Hussein Obama, and Bush 41 all had lunch together at the White House today.  This kind of lunch encounter hasn’t happened since Reagan had Nixon, Ford and Jimmah over to chat too back in the day.  

Today, the President Club ate and chatted for about an hour, yet what they talked about was not made public though I’m sure they’ll be an unflattering leak directed at Dubya. 

This latest meeting of the Prez-Club was suggested by Obama who seems to know (like 46% of the electorate) that he doesn’t have a clue as to what to do 13 days from now, so chatting with the living ex-Presidents is probably a good idea.  Here’s a few things Barry’s going to have to deal with:

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