Obama’s Solution: “Only Government” Can Save Us

by Ryan on January 8, 2009

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The One just gave us a not-so-cheery speech today on the nation’s economic situation and how He will fix our problems through obnoxious levels of government spending since “only government” can fix our problems.

So, on the theme of Presidential Inaugurations, we just heard Obama assert his firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is… everything without help from The One.  On that one I’d say he’s less of an FDR, more of an Erich Honecker – can’t wait for the Blue Shirt Brigade to fill out all those “new jobs” Obama is talking about.


Obama has clearly positioned himself as the anti-Reagan – Carter’s second term begins in 12 days and I kind of want to puke.  We all knew there’d be days like this and more will be coming.  It’s been chronicled often on AOR that this Keynesian approach will not work – if the government could so “boldly” control America’s economy in times of trouble, then we’d never have any economic woes.   It’s all about power to the Dems:  if our soldiers, place in the world and economy gets in the way, so be it.  They’ve shown nothing less this decade.

Obama is the current articulator of this power-grab philosophy in a very dangerous position since the MSM has propelled the fear and gotten the folks in an edgy “yes master” kind of mood– and there’s not a thing we can do to prevent it right now!!!  I’m counting the minutes until happy hour tomorrow, when I can help the local economy the old-fashioned way.

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Ron Russell January 10, 2009 at 10:11 am

B.H.O. saying that only government can fix the problem is simply a liberal (pardon me, progressive) position. He is, no doubt, from the John M. Keynes school of economics. These people all have a “herd” mentality. Right now they have the upper hand–but as always, they will over play it.

Read an article the other day “Zimbabweans Eating Cow Dung”, seems that thing have gotten so bad there, that the natives are mixing cow shi….t with their food, so as to have enough to eat. Mugabe’s “African Socialism” has run amuck. I hope Obama doesn’t revert back to his roots and give us a taste of that. I live in the country–we have cows: guess those city dwellers will have to help Obama eat his words(hope they are filling,ha!)


Ron Russell January 13, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Just a short follow-up to my last comment. Obama’s roots go back to Kenya don’t they! Kenyian and Keynesian look and sound a lot alike to me. Just hope I don’t have to celebrate B.H.O.’s second or third year in office with a little “barnyard cake with chicken roost filling”.


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