Terrorists in Lebanon Attack Israel

by Sal on January 8, 2009

in Politics,War on Terror

Early this morning, missiles were fired into Israel by terrorists, likely Hezbollah, injuring two people.  Israel retaliated by firing rockets into Southern Lebanon.

This escalates the current conflict between Israel and Palestine into a second front, and will end up giving The One his first big foreign policy test.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine may be reaching a boiling point for the first time.  With a woefully inexperienced commander-in-chief on his way in, a lame-duck on his way out, the Islamo-fascist axis of Iran, Syria, and Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Hezbollah may be taking this opportunity to do some serious damage.

The Israeli’s must fight back, regardless of international pressure from the EU, UN, or other weak-spined bodies.  Its very existence is at stake, and they have every right to fight back.  A “cease fire” will do no more than hold things off until the next conflict.

Two and a half years ago, Israel was attacked by Hezbollah in a month-long war.  At the time, Israel was blamed (of course) and calls for a cease-fire were made after Hezbollah started having their butts kicked.  Finally, Israel gave in and agreed to a cease-fire.  The diplo-crats all patted themselves on the back at how good a job they had done, and it was “Peace in our time” all over again.  At that time, I wrote a comparison on that conflict with the events of 1938, with the appeasers winning the day and just postponing the inevitable future war.

Cease-fires without a victory over people who do not value peace, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, do nothing but prolong the violence. Cease fires are merely a pause in hostilities while the terrorists re-arm.

Today, in this renewed conflict between Israel and Palestine, we are seeing the beginning of that escalation of hostilities.  Will the hostilities repeat the usual pattern and end with a cease-fire after damage is done, only to repeat the cycle while the terrorists rearm, or will a full-scale war break out in the middle east?  Only time will tell, but it is inevitable that one of these days a full-scale war will break out in that region if things continue along their current track.  The One wants to talk, to bring people together.  Yet America has done nothing but talk for the last 50 years.  Every U.S. President has made peace in that region a priority, and every single President has failed.

What I said two years ago remains equally true today.  We are in the midst of a World War, and unfortunately, we forgot that on November 4.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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