Government Regulation Brings Unintended Consequences

by Sal on January 9, 2009

in Politics

The Law of Unintended Consequences is in full display in the below video.  In it a woman who runs an Organic toy store, and who at first was for a regulation that Congress recently passed on “toy safety”, now is seeing her business adversely affected by the new law passed by congress because of the “unintended” consequences.

The video goes to show that well-meaning laws that sound good to the average liberal or squishy independent in reality often cause more harm than good.  In this particular case, the problems associated with toys and lead paint led to a free market initiative by this woman to sell organic toys.  While I personally question the necessity for organic toys, the woman found enough people to constitute a market, and capitalized on it.  The free market was already providing a solution.

Now that Government has stepped in, it will adversely affect this woman’s new business, to the point where it may damage it irreparably.  Whenever Congress gets involved in the free market, problems ensue.  That is why Congress needs to go, and more people need to be made aware of stories like this to illustrate why government intervention is bad and free market ideas by ordinary Americans work.

H/T: HotAir

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