A Real Economic Stimulus

by Sal on January 14, 2009

in Economy,Politics

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) of the Republican Study Committee, is proposing an alternative to the Obama New New Deal Economic Stimulus.  Congressman Jordan describes the details of the stimulus over at RedState:

We don’t believe in tax-and-stimulate. We believe in cutting taxes to put more money back in the hands of the families and job creators that make our economy work.

We have an alternative stimulus plan that is more fiscally responsible, with tax cuts and spending cuts to promote real economic growth.

  • We’re proposing a permanent 5% cut in personal income tax rates.
  • We’re cutting taxes on businesses from 35% to 25% so they are better seated to invest and create jobs.
  • We want to alleviate debt for future generations – by avoiding a trillion dollar spending spree
  • Our bill will contain NO pork and NO earmark

Now that’s a stimulus plan that will encourage investment, encourage consumer spending, and help keep our government in good fiscal shape.

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