Democrat Spending Spree Begins with SCHIP

by Sal on January 14, 2009

in Politics

The Democrat Spending Spree has begun.  The House just passed an expansion to the SCHIP program which becomes universal health care for children.  The bill, which was previously vetoed by Bush, would expand the SCHIP program to cover those who already have private insurance, as well as children in families making $83,000 per year.  It also covers “children” up to the age of 30 (I am 30, married, and own a home;  I hardly consider myself a child!)  Although 40 members of the House GOP caucus voted for the bill, most house GOP members were united in their opposition, as reported my Rep Mike Pence during a blogger conference call.  Via California Conservative:

Rep. Pence updated us on the votes that’ve taken place thus far this week. Rep. Pence said that there was great unity in opposing the current SCHIP bill. He made clear, though, that House Republicans aren’t opposed to SCHIP. They’re just opposed to expanding it to children whose parents are well into the middle class. Rep. Pence said that expanding SCHIP this way would increase the cost of the program. He then said that this bill could potentially put low income children at risk of not getting the coverage they need.

This bill is nothing but a Democrat spending spree that has no other purpose than to inch the way towards universal health care.

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