Rebutting the Great Global Warming Hoax

by Sal on January 19, 2009

in Politics

The global warming hoax has been well chronicled at Axis of Right, and is now going to get a big boost by the incoming Obama administration.  According to the latest global warming hoax, the earth only has four years left before it’s too late!  Obama has to act now, and reverse the warming.  The One has laid the groundwork for this in his agenda, including a mandatory cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions.  Additionally, his new Global Warming Czar, Carol Browning, is an avowed socialist who believes that we must shrink our economy in order to combat global warming.

Before the standard comments come back attacking me for calling global warming a hoax, consider John Foren’s column at (Everything Michigan).  In it, he points to empirical data outlining how the global warming hoax has little or no real evidence to support it.  He points out how:

  • The earth’s temperature peaked in 1998 and has been on a cooling trend ever since, and are now at 1980 levels.
  • The Polar Ice Caps are back to 1979 levels.
  • CO2 emissions make no difference in the Global Climate.
  • We are actually more likely to be entering another cyclical ice age than to experience massive warming effects.

Truth be told, more and more climatologists and other scientists are beginning to speak up against the global warming hoax.  The last week in the U.S. alone should give anyone pause.  With record low temperatures across the nation, it is no wonder that more Americans believe that global warming is not man-made than those who do.  The global warming hoax is being exposed for the swindle that it is.

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