A Message From a Great President

by Mike on January 20, 2009

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Much of the United States is enamored with Barack Obama’s rhetorical skills, and for good reason. Few Presidents in our history have been as gifted as Obama in delivering the spoken word, a talent that can help usher a President down the road to greatness. That is of course, if the President’s rhetoric is based on something real. In Barack Obama’s case, we have a liberal politician who is talented in delivering soaring rhetoric without saying anything at all.

Twenty eight years ago today, we inaugurated Ronald Reagan, another President known for his oratory. Unlike Obama, Reagan delivered soaring rhetoric that was based on a coherent philosophy, in tune with human nature, that recognized and respected every American’s God-given abilities.  Reagan’s rhetoric was based on something real, a something that helped make Reagan one of the greatest Presidents in our nation’s history.

The following is a remix of quotes from Reagan’s First Inaugural. In those words, our current President could learn something about the country he is about to lead.  More importantly, the loyal opposition would be well served by listening. Re-learning what Ronald Reagan taught us is the best to making sure that the center of attention at the next Inauguration is one of our own.

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Robert Davis (WYOMING) July 8, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Since when has Obama been truthful towards americans? He speaks in forked tongues with is decieving. The government is now and now a tyranny government under Obama and his elect have or is bringing america to it’s knees. We are being sold out to the UN because americans has forgotten who protected this nation from dictator government. Americans stands up for his nation and not retreat. When a coward runs he is truely a disgrace to his country and a traitor. I’m a viet nam vet. and the price for freedom is a high price to pay for freedom. Americans wake up and take back your country or fall with it.

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