Another Biden Gaffe

by Sal on January 20, 2009

in Election 2008,Politics

Another Biden Gaffe has surfaced.  This time, however, the gaffe comes from Jill Biden, wife of Vice-President Elect Joe Biden.  On the Oprah Winfrey Show, Jill Biden told Oprah that Joe Biden was offered either Vice-President or Secretary of State, the post currently slated for Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Says Jill Biden:

Joe had the choice of being secretary of State or vice president….I said, ‘Joe if you are secretary of State you will be away, I’ll never see you.  We will see you at a state dinner once in a while. But I said if you are vice president, the entire family, because they worked so hard for the election, they can be involved … They can come to our home, they can go to events, they can be with us and that is what is important to us.

Fortunately for us, Jill Biden apparently convinced her husband to stay away from Secretary of State.  Historically, the Vice-Presidency has been a more ceremonial position with little responsibility.  This has been different to a small degree with Vice-President Gore, and to a much larger degree with Vice-President Cheney.  Hopefully, team Obama will keep Biden in a more traditional Vice-Presidential role.

I can just picture the negotiations between Sec. of State Biden and some dictator.  Can you?

H/T: Michelle Malkin

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