Our New Secretary of State

by Ryan on January 21, 2009

in Election 2008,Politics

In the last few minutes, Barack Obama’s second choice for the job, Hillary Clinton was confirmed 94-2 as America’s next Secretary of State.

The Good Side:  Mike once brought this to my attention:  notice how the New York Yankees haven’t won a World Series since Hillary’s been Senator?  Perhaps the Bronx Bombers will be back now that she’s out of NY!  Also, miffed by her gender-bending shrillness, foreign dignitaries are apt to be too confused to know what to do with her.

The Bad Side:  Every side is her bad side! (yuk, yuk)  But seriously, having a Clinton in office has tended to mean a cloud with the stench of corruption and intrigue is apt to hover during her entire tenure.

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