Democrats To Try To Seat Franken

by Sal on January 22, 2009

in Election 2008,Politics

Harry Reid has announced that he plans to try to seat Al Franken this week, even as an election contest by Norm Colman looms.  Under Minnesota Law, a Senator cannot be seated until it is certified by the Governor and Secretary of State.  It is also a provision of MN law that the Governor and Secretary of State cannot certify the election until all election contests have been resolved.  Reid apparently wants to move forward and seat Franken anyways.  Republicans plan to try to block the seating.

This from the same Senate Majority leader, who two weeks ago, refused to seat now Senator  from Illinois Roland Burris (who was appointed by the beleagured Governor Rod Blagojevich) because Burris had not obtained an appointment certification signature from the Illinois Secretary of State.

But then again, there has never been a double-standard as far as the Democrats have been concerned, has there?

Consider this election stolen.

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