Paterson Appoints Kirsten Gillibrand to the Senate

by Mike on January 23, 2009

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New York Governor David Paterson has appointed Congressman Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat. For weeks, people in the know thought that Caroline Kennedy would be handed the seat by virtue of the facts that she took cute pictures in the Oval Office when she was a little girl and recently started reusing her maiden name. As a result of the Gilibrand pick, New York liberals are in a tizzy this morning. Paterson should be applauded for his decision.

Gillibrand is a relative unknown, but she appears to be more moderate than her fellow Senate Democrats. According to the New York Post, Gillibrand the NY Post reports that she previously ran with the backing of the National Rifle Association and is “less than enthusiastic about gay marriage,” though for New York, that could simply mean supporting gay marriage without actually acting like a cast member of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Conservatives should be thankful for Paterson’s decision because there are hundreds of New York Democrats worse than Gillibrand. Some conservatives will be dismayed because a perceived moderate may be tougher to beat in 2010, but that’s something that can never be known for sure. Moreover, Gillibrand has less name recognition, money, and organization than either Kennedy or Andrew Cuomo. And if New York is going to be represented by a Democrat, why not one who supports the Second Amendment?

Let’s work to support Peter King in 2010, but if it’s going to be Gillibrand, be thankful it isn’t Cuomo.

UPDATE: “First, a jump to the Left, and then a step to the Right.” It looks like Ed Morrissey also thought Rocky Horror when he saw this one.

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Chris January 23, 2009 at 10:38 am

Peter King would be great in the Senate…and Rudy for NY Governor in 2010!


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